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sa sa de po-pon! [entries|friends|calendar]

めぐり 渋谷

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[30 Sep 2006|12:36pm]

this account is full of good and bad memowies and I'm changing certain things in my life too, this one counts ^__^
 pop_slide see ya there!

ride with m3

[19 Jul 2006|11:45am]

this lj entry will be presenting you two parallelisms. ;;^^

Ang mga hindi totoong kaibigan

ang totoo, ay totoo
ang huwad ay huwad
sa piling ko'y naging salat
dahil sa palabra de honor 
na aking tangitangi; ako sa ere
iyong iniwan pitong taong pinagsamahan
nakain ng halimaw sa ilalim ng iyong kama.

sa aking pagkabaliw siya'y lumisan
dala-dala sa isang stroller ang nakaraan
padaan-daan sa aking direksyon
sa aking lumong mukha di lumingon
sabi sa sarili huwag pansinin; lagot baka salita ay makain.

para kang batang pinakain ng maraming kendi 
sa iyong mga tingin ako ay napipi;
sa iyong mga salita ako ay nabulag
ako ngayon ay nakahiga sa papag

hinalikan mo ang lason ko; kristong pinagpakasasa itinuring mo ako.

okee, haha enough about that.. I just let some emotions out, please review that, constructive criticism please. sankyuu! ^^
mga bata, pampagana mamayang madaling araw... M A R I P O S A

okee, there's a prob here I was suppose to post screencaps here of that spoof video of Michael V., and Co. of Narda called 
MAMAW!!, since there was a problem with my cam... (you crap cam you!) here is the lyrics instead

sa talahiban ika'y lumitaw 
sumama ang hangin 
ako'y napailing
tao nga ba o kabayong mahiwaga?

nung mapansin ko sya ay may milagrong ginagawa
mang-aagaw siya ng lakas ingat ka kapag nakilala ka...

Kahit na tinatawanan marami yatang pumapatol diyan
'pag meron siyang napagtitripan bibigyan niya ng limang daan!

ang suwerte nya naman bading, lagi siyang may kasiping
kung takot sa kanya babayaran lang niya
napapansin ko siya na may milagrong ginagawa
mang-aagaw siya ng lakas ingat ka kapag nakilala ka...


Tatalon na lang ako sa bangin di ko siya kayang mahalin 
pero kung walang wala ka sige pumatol ka...
napansin ko siya na may milagrong ginagawa
mang-aagaw siya ng lakas... LAGOT KA MAMAYA!


*ahahaha... very funny song! lalo na yung video, ginamit nila si DIEGO (ang pambansang bading) as the gay being portrayed..

6 day l_oves; ride with m3

[11 Jul 2006|10:45am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

even though i'm busy....
I will rant because I answered my physics exercises correctly!! and it is my favorite subject becuase of sir Mitra!
hmm.. what else... oh yes.... that person... hope you will just ignore me. I've had enough actually.

kirei_kya miss you so much!!! and your humor wish me luck on my physics test ;;^_^ love you!!!

ride with m3

OH MY GOSH!!!! NIHONGO FIESTA [18 Feb 2006|09:35pm]

--------- NIHONGO FIESTA 06 ---------

OH MY GOSH!!! this day me and jiro17 and paopipaopao went to the NIHONGO FIESTA. ^__^ this festival is about japanese - philippine friendship celebration. The first event that we wen to is the exhibit of jpop nd jrock posters ^___^ SMAP, V6, Arashi were there! as well as hide, glay, luna sea, malice mizer, l'arc and many many japanese artists! lead, w-inds ahhh! we just went crazy we were fangirling there at the shang (it's a mall).

Then the most exciting thing happend to us O_______________O we went to the show where there is cosplay and performances and all that stuff. And then the MC said "who wants to perform?" so me and my friends being the fans without shame raised our hands and they called us! the thing is when we danced, (its traditional japanese) THE PERSON BESIDE ME WAS THE AMBASSADOR OF JAPAN!!! SO WHEN WE WERE DANCING WE BUMPED INTO EACH OTHER AND THEN I SAID "GOMENASAI" AND THEN HE TOUCHED MY HAND AND SAID "GOMENASAI" AHHHHHHHH!!!! that was the most exciting thing ever. After that we went to the next venue and then we saw other performances there were these girls called GO-girls who were wearing sailormoon outfits and they were dancong slutily ewww... oh well and then this thing happend when the speech contest winners were annouced. The winners will get CD player, DVD player and AN ALL EXPENSE TRIP TO JAPAN FOR 1 WEEK!!!! the thing is the row in front of us got the all expense trip and then i thought that is this foreshadowing shit? AHHHHHH this is theh most excting day ever! dancing with the ambassador of japan!!!! ahh!!!

*please comment if you read this entry* wee! ~ spread teh love!
8 day l_oves; ride with m3

[04 Jan 2006|02:29pm]

hop hop hop....Collapse )

eio! waa! I updated! wakekekeke... I have been out for a while my dad wanted me to study during the x-mas break so he banned me from the comp

and unfortunately when I was allowed to well, the worst thing happend it crashed... bad for me... wah!!! anywhow, my mom said if I get the full scholarship

to that singapore school I wanted to go to my parents will allow me and yay! I will be studying in Singapore for I don't know how many years yay for me!


anix19_  your so sweet and nishuu! thanks for the greetings! I read it!!! wah! I miss you and your pwends you guys look so pwendly! ^______^

I will comeback with a new layout I promise! who will it be?..... ummm... suggestions please.... onegaishimasu...

hai. ja ne!

8 day l_oves; ride with m3

[08 Dec 2005|02:28pm]
[ mood | busy ]

wakeke its been a long time since I updated!!!
wahhh! tests next week damn it I still want to watch JE crack! I can't concentrate when their piccus and
perfs are replaying on my mind!!! wahh!! have to study.....

kyaaaaaa schizofragiletagged me! ^_____^
kuriku T_______TCollapse )
Seven things you plan to do before you die: the later the better
1 - rape the ff. JE bois... 1. shibutani subaru 2. Uchi Hiroki my bebe 3. Kame
     4. takki 5. tsubasa 6. oka-chan 9. tego
2 - Go to japan and be an editor in chief of myojo, popolo or shoxx
3 - in one whole day eat only chocolates.
4 - have a smexxy video with gackt.  yata!!!!!!!!!!
5 - be a teacher (yankumi desu ka?)
6 - be a photgrpher of TxT and ryochi and let them pose yaoishly in whatever pose I want
7 - be remembered as someone who gives laughter to people. nya nya nya...

Seven things I cannot do:
1 - not watching JE for atleast one day
2 - jump from high places
3 - be athletic I. hate.sports.
4 - being shy
5 - control my anger    
6 - to control my tantrums. Yess,ladies and gheisss out there I still throw a tantrum sometimes...      
7 - read Jane Eyre

Seven things I can do:
1 - be a fangirl &hearts;__________&hearts;
2 - walk.
3 - edit or should i say make my own clothes
4 - read ficsread ficsread ficsread ficsread ficsread fics
5 - debate
6 - bake
7 - be a proffesional bum

Seven celebrity crushes:
1 - subaru &hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;
2 - uchi bebe &hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;
3 - kyo &hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;
4 - ryo &hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;
5 - yoko &hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;
6 - takki&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;
7 - tsuba bebs &hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;

Seven often repeated words (as of current standing, lol):
1 - fudge
2 - kame!!!!!!!!
3 - fuck fuck fuck
4 - oppaissss
5 - shiz
6 - yata!!!
7 - EH?

Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1 - oppais  joudan desu. ^_________^ peens? I don't know
2 - hair
3 - intelligence
4 - my jokes
5 - ............
6 - .......................
7 -SMEXXY BODY!!!!!!!.

Seven tags go to:
1 - nekoism
2 - anix19_
3 -squippo
4 - _aishuu
5 - m00n13
6 - kirie_kya
7 - suguishi

10 day l_oves; ride with m3

[23 Sep 2005|12:59am]


wee! relatively ang saya ng day ko! kasi ofcourse it's the birthday of subaru!!! and well I just felt that this is going to be a great day. But then when I saw something somewhere na-bad trip talaga ako. If you want to know what it is ***** OMG you shit! don't ask. And can I just say how MUCH I HATE YOU.

on with other things... me and jiro_17 went food tripping today. Ang saya! kasi nangutang kami and then nag potato corner kami! and then we somewhat disappeared from the eco fair.

today is friday.... it is like 1 am something I hope my day will be nice this time.                                

I forget, later I will post pix of TxT!!! I got some new pix.... that will drain your souls out

~spread the Johnn'ys luve and TXt~

ride with m3

hyper!!! [10 Sep 2005|02:05am]
hi friends! so now I'm updating...
I feel so hyper... all because of tackey and tsubasa... wee! anyways... some of my friends are spending time with the lord right now bless them...
anyways... while they were gone the whole day... me,_ichigodaysnanji_desu_kapaopipaopao played the water racing game... basically this game's goal is that whichever water reached the end of the table first (width size) (ano length?!) will win... first there was teko and kat... unfortunately, teko's water "exploded" so yeah, she didn't win the race, no one actuallly did I think. And then there was my turn and kat's turn again. well we raced... and oh my gasss... I think some of out spit went to teko because she was on the side where the "finish line" is so yeah, she got spit on (I think) by me and kat.... it was fun.... and guess wat?! during that game my ID broke... as in into half... sumama na ako sa federation ng mga putol ang ID sa classroom namin!
Anywow, during clubtime I was very happy because I was given the oppurtunity to adjujicate the debaters.... wow! oh well that is alll gotta eat... my stomach aches... bu-bye! ~spread the johnny's luve~
ride with m3

nakakatakot... [27 Jun 2005|07:27am]
[ mood | amused ]

This entry is very scary. Why am I only the one who finds very scary pictures of Jpoppers or Jrockers. This picture is REALLY scary. Even if you don't know much about tackey and tsubasa or if you just had this urge of reading my journal, don't tell me that you have not been warned.

1 day l_ove; ride with m3

high!!! [04 Apr 2005|01:27pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

KAME!!!! ah!!! sorry... that was my fangirl mode. he he he he KAME!!! can't get enough of that guy! THIS IS WAR LOUIE! you bi-atch!!!! he is mine!!!! mine I say!!!! shounen club the best!!! ang sarap mang molestia ng mga bata..... let's go NEWS!!!, Mr. X ba ito..... ah!!! if I keep this on... it's not good.... ahh!!! WAR!!!!!!

8 day l_oves; ride with m3

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